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Technical Publication


Technical Publication

TEAM D proprietary Documentation Process Model provides a transition framework, associated metrics and talent transformation capabilities. Clients can engage with TechPubs for documentation projects, technical illustrations and authoring, data validation and conversion, and learning solutions production. Our Technical Publications services also support industry-wide documentation standards such as ATA 100/104 Specs, ATA iSpec 2200 Specs, ASD STE, MIL Standards, ANSI Standards, and S1000D. Client using our service can adapt legacy publications to the latest standards required by the industry with agility.

TechPubs is a one stop solution for all end user documentation and training content requirements. We help you in identifying or building a suitable Learning Content Management System (LCMS), integrating the system to your environment, administrating the system, authoring and publishing the trainings or setting the delivery platform which will allow you to host, schedule, manage and track your training activities online. TEAM D practice consultants will support you with multiple options that suit your budget, environment and needs.

The impact of knowledge management on business processes and outcomes is manifold. TEAM D TechPubs manages end-to-end enterprise knowledge management (KM), facilitating tailored information at your fingertips, thereby breaking the knowledge barriers, enhancing productivity and enabling quick turnaround time of end users. We help our customers to be successful and competitive through an efficient knowledge management system that harnesses the explosion of information, facilitates knowledge through multiple channels and devices and enhances collaboration across the organization. Our KM solution encompasses knowledge capture across the organization, organizing it, making it accessible and usable and also deliver real time, tailored, and snippet based information from a single source to live agents, web and mobile self-service. We make it easy to integrate knowledge creation and transfer and continuous improvements in day to day operations.

TechPubs provides a framework for content design, development and delivery, as well as for content transformation and curation. TEAM D helps our clients by developing technical content for their products and applications so that they are able to provide their end users with the right information in the right form. We also help our customers migrate or transform their content so that it can be maintained efficiently and delivered to end users effectively.

Today the consumption of content has become varied due to emerging technologies and platforms. Users require content over the web, on hand-held devices, while on the move, and therefore need contextual help while using the products or applications. This necessitates content transformation and publishing, which will allow content to be distributed on demand. Our automated digital publishing solutions facilitate our clients with tailored content across multiple channels and in any end user app.